Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A long awaited return... A NEW NOTEBOOK!!!!!

A Rhodia Webnotebook Webbie or "Webbie" for short. I know there are probably a bunch of reviews out but I'm super excited. This is for sure a premium notebook and you get what you pay for.

`192 pages, 92 sheets with inner pocket and 90g paper made in France... not to mention it smells great! If you ever bought a cd and open the multi layers of packaging your instantly hit with that smell. Thats what I get when I opened the Rhodia. This is only just a fraction of what I'm
My new package From the Goulet Pen Company

Here you can see that the Goulet gang really make every effort to personalize each and every order they do... Because they are AWESOME!

I was really expecting much more wrapping which normally comes with every order... 

Once unwrapped its starting to look like a notebook

The Rhodia Webbie, What a beautiful artwork...

Yeah so I'm totally addicted to notebooks. I love the tactility of the notebook as its smoothness overwhelms me with such joy... It's hard to know if its really the excitement of the material or just the shear pleasure of obtaining something new... time will tell... I will have a full review soon and a new toy to share here...