Sunday, May 26, 2013

Saddleback Leather Medium Rhodia "Webbie" Notebook Cover

I love Saddleback leather... Its expensive... In fact most of my leather pieces cost more then my Wife's Coach bags or two...  The original price for this is $64.00 + tax & S/H. But cost is nothing compared to quality...  Full grain leather, chrome tanning and not cheap quick tanning too... The process that Dave Munson explains is that tanning leather hide takes time, and time = money. So allot of tanners out there use cheap products and quick processing for their leather (china). If you have an old belt laying around cut it open and see for yourself... If its "real" leather it will be tanned on the outside and blue on the inside. Thats because that leather did not get tanned properly... Also Chrome tanning is more expensive because the vegetable tanning process can actually dry out leather. Dave is so confident that in everything he makes that he offers a 100 year warranty! 

So before I get off on a tangent... yeah this cover rocks! Its originally made for a moleskine but moleskine's are garbage so I decided to finally get a RHODIA Webbie or Webnotebook. This is Tobacco color and it actually was from Dave's Deals and was a savings of 10%... 

Daves deals work like the "uniqueness" that come about creating the article of leather. The "hand held discount 10%" is uniqueness that was created that you can only or possibly see if your holding the piece in your hand. I can not find anything wrong with mine and believe me I've looked! The next level of discount is the "three foot discount 15%" and that is something that you would see from about 3 feet away so any scratches, coloring blemish or even a vein from the animal itself would count under this, either way its still awesome and dave "still" has a 100 year warranty on all his products or he doesn't sell it! The final discount is the "10 foot discount 25%" not to say that there is anything wrong with the item but it could be a combination of the first two discounts combined or something entirely different... Nonetheless, I would purchase a 25% discounted bag, wallet, or notebook cover anyway. It would add character to the leather from the beginning and unless your completely anal from the get go about the way your "things" are you shouldn't be buying from SBL in the first place. I believe those people buy from china anyway and then throw it away and get something new because they can and its cheap.

This is the Medium... They have a small for the pocket size moleskine or Rhodia Webbie notebooks. standard size is A4 (5.5x8.25) Pocket size is A6 (3.5 x 5.5)

The SBL notebook cover was originally made for a moleskine... the Rhodia Webbie I use is the same size height and thickness but the length is about 1/4 to a 1/3 of an inch wider. Its not a problem because the overall design of this cover will compensate for that length. What you have to do is stick the part that goes into the sleeve (back of the notebook) first all the way and then insert the flap side or the cover into the notebook and push the notebook into the cover.  The Design allows the use of the built in pocket of the notebook to be accessed easily. also the strap that came with the notebook can wrap around the cover to secure it in place during storage.  

Overall the feel, the smell and the experience of using this cover is overwhelming. Its unlike anything you can achieve by the notebook itself. Its almost takes up a life of its own. Just carrying this around you will achieve a higher status amongst friends and further spark greater creativity within yourself... well that last part maybe... but its sure looks cool! I plan on using this as my main journal. taking this in and out of my SBL Tobacco Messenger bag will be a joy and I will no longer have to worry about the binding scuffing on the notebook from getting ruined because this cover will guarantee long life for the notebook.

Once again cost is a factor... some just can't or won't spend that kind of money. but if you are like me and drool over leather or enjoy the finer things in life then this is defiantly your cup of tea. 

If you are interested in this style of cover then you should definitely pair it with something "other" than a moleskine.  Hopefully I plan on getting all four colors. Dark Chocolate Brown, Chestnut, Carbon Black and the current one, Tobacco.

I haven't done a full review of the Rhodia Webbie yet but its in the works. Currently have to many irons in the fire right now so once I work them out I'll get right to it. So follow, like and share and don't forget to comment. See you soon on the next Blog Carnival.