Saturday, November 12, 2011

TWSBI Inkwells Purple, Green, & Blue!

The Envy of the inkwells

Ever since I've been into this hobby I've always wanted to have one or two good inkwells, little did I know I would have several! However, I now have three unique inkwells that work perfectly with the new TWSBI 540 pens and TWSBI ROC 100 pens too.

Within this digital trans-mutational pages of this blog I'm sure if you hadn't already had your eye on this baby, I hope my inspiration and your dark side of your conscience lead you to triumph.

 My story starts with a brisk walk in 54 degree weather down to the mailbox. To my surprise a key to the parcel box was present and tempting me to inquire further. There a large box from the Goulet's again with such haste has been bestowed proficiently... I rush home with such delight.

Here packaged very well encased in 1" of foam all around.
My New TWSBI Inkwells with Logo
TWSBI Inkwell Purple, Green, and Blue
TWSBI Unboxing
The TWSBI Bottle Taredown
Top cap exposed

 Now here is the most interesting part... Sailor and Levenger and now TWSBI are the only three readily available bottles that have this special ink cup. The sailor and TWSBI inkwell both have these cups. The cup has slits to allow the ink to fill when the cap is put on and tiled upside-down. A few seconds to fill is all is needed and then the cup is full of ink. The purpose is to use as much ink without submersing the pen entirely into the ink. TWSBI inkwells take it one step further for only TWSBI Pens! instead of submersing the nib into the cup, the Inkwell allows you to siphon through a tube built into the second part of the cap. There you can get a draw of ink like a syringe which is much more efficient then with just the nib.

TWSBI vs Sailor Ink
 To further glorify the TWSBI inkwell, even if you don't have a TWSBI pen yet... you can take your other pens and use the same method with just the ink cup.

TWSBI inkwells come in several colors, Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Silver, and Orange. For about $25 a piece you can pick up one or several for all your favorite inks. The cap and secondary part is made of anodized aluminum, highly wear and corrosion resistant. 
Comparison of TWSBI Inkwell and Sailor Ink
So which one method is better? to fully know I had to try the TWSBI method and see how well the new inkwell works with the TWSBI pen line...but first I had to transfer ink to my TWSBI inkwell. I decided to use my favorite inks.

For Green: Private Reserve-Avacado
For Purple: Noodler's Kung Te-Cheng
For Blue: Noodler's Baystate Blue

Preparing to Transfer Ink to TWSBI
PR:Avacado, my Favorite Green!

Using a pipette to transfer ink to Inkwell
TWSBI Avacado

Does It look good?

Decided to Take the label back off

My Extra TWSBI 540 EF
so... is it EF or F?
I guess its EF then !?

***Word of Caution*** 

But it works great to draw the ink out the inkwell, in fact it works so good that in the first draw it was as close to 100% that I can not get any better using the traditional converter method.

First fill using this new method fills 100% no air pocket
Snaps perfectly into the inkwell... reminds me of a doctors syringe

So in conclusion I'm sure that one day you too might venture out and pick yourself up a TWSBI inkwell or two for your pens. Stop messing around with the your good pens at least and pick yourself up one for each color.

 Please feel free to comment!
Purple: Noodler's Kung Te-Cheng  Blue: Noodler's Baystate Blue  Green: Private Reserve Avacado!