Saturday, September 24, 2011

Lamy Vista

Here is my Lamy Vista this is my workhorse pen, the pen for now I carry with me in my pocket, in my shirt and everywhere else. I hate getting stuck without a pen, and now that I have my fountain pens, I hate using ... ballpoints. *shivers with disgust* Its durable, functional and affordable ($28)

 This is my pen, I take this guy every where I go. sometimes I bring it friends to play with, but more often then not It gets very upset if I don't use it very often...

This is my first "real" fountain pen... oh sure I had others that where "cheap" and "disposable". I found I like the hardness of the tip and the favorable size of the fine nib lines it draws reminds me of the G2's that I once thought were the ultimate... ballpoint pen! I'm sure they are good for other things... none comes to mind. Its not to say I'll never "use" a ballpoint pen or a roller-ball again, its just... I hate the smudges and smears and the bland  colors hastily put just mindlessly across the pages of so many journals and homework.

The fountain pen is a romanticized tool from stuff of legends! In the hands of a great thinker, the power of ink can play second to the devil himself! Or a unity of nations upon free thinkers such as myself. I find the passion of writing enjoyable and I've actually spend great detail work on my handwriting and the art of calligraphy more so then before. Indeed for me at least that is the great power I found to be from this pen, this fountain pen.

 The Lamy Vista plays also an important roll in my ink drop projects, as for this is the only pen in which for now will only be used to test new inks! With a fine nib I mentioned it was like my old G2... it puts down a line comparable to a 0.7mm line.  Furthermore as you can see the lines on all the pens are equivalent to a fine nib pen. I'm sure there are finer lines to be had like xtra fine but I don't own any... yet. One thing to mention is that the nib is replaceable and if you don't like your nib you can share it with another.

 The Lamy Vista came with a z24 converter ( top picture with red) and for the oddest thing the O-ring inside failed... it would hold ink but, it would leak if I screwed the plunger down to get rid of the ink. I received a free replacement for the defect.

 Some people mentioned that the finger grips that are molded into the pen are not that great, or they disliked it for some reason or another, I on the other hand appreciate the usefulness of this grip style and without it, I would be less confident in how to properly hold my future fountain pens. It has helped me in many ways.

The Z24 converter holds a fair amount of ink... though it does in my opinion go fast, more so then a ball-point or roller-ball. But that's good! That way I get the satisfaction of refilling my pen, which takes no time at all once the feed is already saturated with the ink you like. The clear body of the pen quickly enables me to gauge how much Ink I have left, and knowing that I'm actually using the pen makes me feel good.

For my use and time with this fountain pen, I will recommend this pen above all else for beginners. This is a great starter pen, and the use of the nibs swap, the use of the clear body, the ink converter, and the functionality/durability makes this a perfect fit for anyone interested in fountain pens!

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