Friday, December 30, 2011

Cross Adventura Fountain Pen Review

My new Christmas Present!

The sleek body and form of a modern pen 
For Christmas this year I recieved a lovely looking pen from my wife. The Cross Adventura Fountain Pen <M>.

It is surprisingly light body can easily be forgotten that you have a fine writing utensil in your hands.

This pen comes in black and dark blue with chrome accents.

Cross logo engraved on the pens clip
This pen comes equiped with a single small black (international?) cartridge, like a stub compared to most others I've seen. There are no converters available for this pen.

This clip is not too tight and can slip into your shirts to tote around, I've not had any problem of the pen falling off too.

A nice looking pen
Posted has great ballance and light too.

The pen posts nicely and has a good smooth feel when it slides on the pen. Posting needs a little bit of pressure to keep from flying off the pen when you are writing though.

A nice looking nib. slightly bent at the tip Medium
 The Nib is  fantastically smooth, writing is a breeze and so far the ink dry's fast and does not feather on cheep or higher quality paper.
The pen will look great in you shirt pocket and while you are writing.

Overall for a decent pen of less than 50 bucks this sure is a nice gift for any man.
Cross logo engraved in the end of the cap