Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sharpie Stainless Steel Pen Review

The Sharpie Stainless Steel pen is not a new concept for sharpie, they have the current Sharpie fine tip pen out for a few years now. But to have an all Stainless Steel pen that's refillable and doesn't bleed through... well that is something different. Sharpie and I go way back to when I was first starting school. It was the magic marker that never goes away... even when you decide it might be fun to color the walls in your room! a few decades later this pen has a new place in my pen place. Good for labels, signing the back of credit cards (you have to let it dry for an hour) and jotting down stuff.


The best part of this pen is the looks and the feel of a sleek pen in your hand, the next are probably more important like ink or reliability.

Well its safe to say that there is absolutely no bleed through. It’s also fade-, water- and smear-resistant when dry.

Also the pen is refillable so it saves space in the land fill for the replaceable empty cartridges! For less than $5 bucks its a real winner in any pen circulation.