Saturday, September 10, 2011

Huge Package Today!

 Here is my huge package I ordered for the Goulet's I've actually been sitting on the checkout for almost a week. I've been patiently waiting for a pen that was supposed to come the first week of September but didn't show.

Above is all the stuff I ordered... The Goulet Pen Company had their one year anniversary ink drop and to commemorate the 1 year mark the members of inkdrop got special incentives on allot of products including inks from the past, and other specials. I just so happened to need some items on these specials and jumped at the offer...Well actually I pondered and waited and flooded the shopping cart online with the largest order I've made so far ;)
I got 3 black and 3 orange RHODIA staple-bound a4 notebooks. 1 premium blank a4 notepad. 1 Goulet's ink set syringes 1 Quo Vadis elastic binder, a sample of Platinum Sunny Yellow ink. Goulet's ink vial holders. 10 empty Sailor ink bottles (with leftover inks) 1 50ml bottle of Private Reserve Orange Crush. and finally a 50ml bottle of Private Reserve Avacado! (oh and a replacement Z24 Ink converter)

 Here is the Goulet's Ink sample vial holder... which was a snap to put together following this v-blog of his.

This is what I've been waiting for... Private Reserve Avacado ink.

Anybody tell me why its not spelled Avocado?

This is the mother of all greens for me, the pride and joy of the my fountain pens.