Monday, September 19, 2011

Private Reserve Avacado!

The Ink of green, the name of misspelling... The Name matches the color perfectly. and as I write, I can just picture what a ripe avacado looks like... This ink has the perfect color, with brown undertones. This ink goes on smooth with no hesitation from my Lamy Vista. The uniqueness of this ink is that it starts bright green, then as it dries turns to a dark green, with hints of brown in the right lighting.
I first acquired this ink from  It was my first and possibly my only attempt to get something that would be close the Montblanc- Racing Green. However, the comparison listed by Mr. Goeduc himself on FPN have given a strong comparison to what is close and what is not. Unfortunately, this is a much brighter color then MB Racing Green, but I don't care because I like the color.
The bottle is a standard size bottle of 50ml listed price is about $8.00 at

Practicality of the ink for me is great to use as a daily ink color. Its dark enough that the lines don't blur together and that its not bright enough to be hard on your eyes page after page.

Its flow from the pen is efficient enough to no have any skips, uncapped I've not have any dry starts or pooling from my pen. I've recently used it to take notes which I had it uncapped and in my hand for close to 3 hours long and had no problems.

 Paper Comparison

Here are some comparisons of a few different pages... aside from the Rhodia Dotpad #16.

Clairefontaine 90g [3.5"x5.5"]
Moleskine Cover art Collection Notebook

Overall I am most happy with this ink. Its reliable, friendly to use, and I can now say that I do have a green thumb.

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